IR staffs and maintains a state-of-the-art repair and sampling facility, where we can do expert repairs and tailoring quickly using the best machinery and tools in the industry.

Gasket replacements done at IR match the exact quality and standards as the originals, tailoring is done by expert pattern makers, and repairs are done using perfect matches for adhesives and materials. As paddlers, we also understand that quick turnaround time is crucial when water is up.

IR also now accepts paddling garments from all brands- not just IR branded items.

To start the repair process, simply fill out a new ticket. From there, you will receive an email with directions on what to do next. It is extremely helpful to attach pics of your garment and/or the area that needs to be repaired with the ticket. This will help the response time considerably, as in many cases we will ask for pics at some point anyway. 

If you have questions before you send back a garment, you can ask them in the return ticket form, and we will get back to you right away.

Current prices for common repairs:


Non IR garment price
IR garment price
Replace latex wrist EACH$29.00$25.00
Replace Latex Neck$73.75$61.25
Replace Neck and Both Wrists$130.00$110.00
Replace Latex Booties PAIR$84.50$69.50
Replace Latex ankle EACH$41.00$35.00
Replace Fabric socks PAIR$150.75$128.25
Convert semi dry neck to latex neck$117.50$92.50
C1 Tunnel conversion$56.00$40.00
Drydeck Conversion Fee$105.00$75.00
Pressure Test Suit or Jacket$42.00$30.00
Shorten Tunnel 2 inches$17.50$12.50
Tunnel Change$28.00$20.00
Shorten Pants$61.20$43.75
Shorten Arms$56.00$40.00
Lengthen Pants$8400$60.00
Lengthen Arms$77.00$55.00